After selling my iPad in October, I’ve been iPad-less for quite some time and this has lead to a backlog of Instapaper articles. I finally bit the bullet and started reading these on my computer which I hate doing. I was never an eBook guy until I got an iPad and my consumption has gone way down in recent months. I’ll eventually get a new iPad but have had funds tied up in a few projects to do that. Either way, here are some things I’ve read lately and enjoyed so much that I felt it was good to share with you all. 

The Great Disconnect: Merlin Mann: I immensely enjoyed reading this piece. Like many others, I always had no clue what Merlin did for money. I didn’t know how he supported his family and just thought he was some guy who made wacky videos on the Internet. The interview didn’t reveal as much as I had hoped but some of his thoughts on technology were profound and spot on to things I also consider to be important. It was a great interview so schedule 30 minutes to read it and ideally do it without distractions.

And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’: A long post but really great. Every historical commentary that pieces together stories of Apple’s history as it related to Steve Jobs is something I enjoy. Steve’s process, his vision and genius are sorely missed.

Computers are too difficult and people are computer illiterate: I literally just did a virus cleanup on my sister’s 3 month old Windows 8 Laptop today. As a child who was slowly becoming a computer expert, I thought I was just ahead of my time but the kids 5 years younger than me would be at my level of computer usage and my IT knowledge would be useless around the time I turned 30 as people entered the workforce who could essentially troubleshoot their own computers. This was a legit concern of mine and why I slowly moved away from IT as a career. But my sister is 13 and she knows nothing about computers, in fact she knows less than my generation. She knows how to browse Facebook and open MS Word. She can play a YouTube video but if you ask her to uninstall Norton, she has no idea where add/remove programs is. 

The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide To Being A Man: I hate linking to business insider but this is a great read. 

How to Make Perfect Coffee: Awesome article as The Atlantic continues to be my favorite publication this year. Their articles are always awesome.