I’ll be 23 on August 26th. I’m not having a party. In fact, I’m going to work and will probably be working late. I don’t want any cards or gifts but if you’re committed to giving me something, I want it to be a donation to a charity.

Since I was a young boy, my Dad always told me and his students to not give him gifts. Instead, he wanted us to spend the money on a charity foundation that is helping the Earth to be a better place. This is my request to you. I’m a year older but I don’t want any gifts.

A month ago, I wrote a blog post that discussed The Uncultured Project. I’ve copied the text below. DONATE TO THIS PROJECT because it’s the best group who is actually putting the money to good and that means all 100% of the money is going to good! It’s one guy and a video camera and you need to give to him so he can keep funding relief efforts for people in 3rd world countries. Please read the text below.

I’m in awe after my friend sent me a link to a video of a man who is truly making a difference. It’s amazing how we tend to boost our ego or make ourselves feel better by saying that we’re charitable or “green” or care about our Earth and its inhabitants but we’re doing the bare minimum. I donate money & time once a month to help people in my community. It’s not as much as I used to do before truly becoming incredibly busy but I can say that I’m not ignoring the state of our world and little things do make a difference. There’s a man who is doing something that I’ve only dreamed of and he’s proved to me that big change is possible even on a small level. Please watch the video below.

Shawn left his middle-class American lifestyle and didn’t start a blog or picking up trash in his neighborhood and he didn’t petition for homeless programs in his area which, in my opinion is easy work that every single person should do. Shawn actually purchased a one-way ticket to Bangladesh and used his savings to truly make a difference. His project is called “Uncultured” and it’s not a non-profit, it’s not a corporation. It’s a project started by one guy and supported by one guy with donations from people like us. Instead of our donations going to a huge non-profit where 75% of the money goes to “operating expenses” and the other 25% is diluted and spread around the world, the donations to Uncultured go to people and Shawn posts video online of your donations going to buy food and supplies for real people.

What an amazing concept brought to us by The Internet. I give $50 and Shawn films that money being converted into relief supplies for people affected by natural disasters & poverty and puts it on the web. This concept is powerful, beautiful and extraordinary. Shawn, hat-tip to you and I’m sending you a virtual pat on the back for starting something amazing.

Below are links to learn more about Uncultured and I hope you can find $10 a month to donate as a recurring payment. Teachers in Bangladesh make no more than $13 US Dollars teaching kids so every dollar can go a long way!