Me at SDForumOn May 1st, I announced that I was invited to speak at this month’s SDForum and I was pretty excited about it. It’s not TED or Macworld but I am lucky that anyone wants to hear what I have to say and of course I didn’t turn down the opportunity.

First of all, the day conference was larger than I thought, very well organized and the staff was professional, friendly and they knew exactly what was going on so I really enjoyed being involved. The food & coffee was fantastic and the session before mine was excellent as well. I didn’t stay all day but I think I’ll be going to more SDForums when if my schedule allows for it.

The panel was great and I was in between two individuals who really knew their stuff! I always have a problem telling people what I do for work. I try to be broad and then it just sounds confusing but if I tell people what I do on a basic level, people scratch their heads and ask, “why is this guy on a panel?” Despite always having a disappointing opening line, I always find myself making up for it with answers to questions that I myself stop and go, “damn Adam; that was a good answer.”

I had a Flip Ultra Camera with me which only records standard video and the audio wasn’t perfect but I like putting something up to prove that I was there (like this clip from SMC 4/09) and there might be a couple of quotable items in there if anyone wants to sit through it. Furthermore, the panel was an hour long but I just edited it down to just me talking. No I didn’t do it to be a complete jerk face. I did this because I can’t cut up a video into 6 parts, wait for it to upload and then embed all 6 clips.

I put the two parts below. thanks and enjoy!