I wanted to quickly post this and tease you with a few things that are coming up.

  1. Yoono is coming out with a brand new version of their sidebar and I’ll be posting the first review right here. I can’t wait to share it with you. Yoono 6 will be a radical change and upgrade that will make it the best social add-on for your web browser and you’re going to love it!
  2. I’m going to formally announce “140 Lessons” which is a new project I’m working on that is exciting, cool, fun and powerful.
  3. I have a few partners on an upcoming road trip for Laura and I. We’re doing nearly 7 days on the road and it’s going to be a fun & exciting trip that will take over this blog for an entire week with updates. I’ll announce this on Friday.
  4. My one year anniversary of living in San Francisco is coming up on May 31st. Locals call this, “San Franniversary” and I’m devoting an entire week of blog entries following this celebration that will showcase what I’ve learned after living here for one year. It’s a series of posts dedicated to helping people just like me, move across country and dive head first into the startup and web economy.

I can’t wait to post all of this but I’ve been doing 4 hours or more of meetings every day for the past 3 weeks and I’m working on a ton of cool things that I think all of you  will enjoy. Thanks for reading and for your support.