I’ll be on a news spot next week and they’re filming it today here in San Francisco. I was curious because they needed a social media expert in Facebook and Twitter. So what kind of questions do they ask an “expert”?

1. Why do people use Facebook?
2. What should people use Facebook for?
3. What shouldn’t people use Facebook for?
4. What kinds of things should you post on your page?
5. What kinds of things shouldn’t you post on your page?
6. What is the etiquette in contacting people you don’t know through someone’s page that you do know. For example: I’m friends with Jack who is friends with Tom, but I don’t know Tom, however, I have access to him through Jack’s page, can I contact Tom?
7. Also in the above example what is the etiquette in asking Tom out on a date?
8. How revealing should you be about yourself, again I may not necessarily know if Tom is married for example.
9. There are privacy blocks on Facebook, should you use them and in what way?
10. What are the biggest things people should keep in mind with social networking sites?
11. What are the biggest no-no’s on sites like this? (whether it’s posting things or replying to things, etc..)
12. What kinds of things do people NOT really need to know about you? (like oh i just used the bathroom.. or something like that)
13. Should you have separate pages for personal and work?
14. Anything else you would like to add?