Starting February 16th (Tomorrow), I’ll begin placing ads on my Twitter page for 2 weeks. If all goes well, that will be extended to 1 month. I’m excited to accept advertising on my page for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s proof that my social media worth is finally allowing me to make money. It’s a really good feeling when money comes in just for doing a few tweets or blogging things that I’m passionate about. Of course, I’ve never made money from social networking and I’m not about to start. That’s why I’m giving all of the proceeds of this advertising to The American Cancer Society. I’ve been told that there are better cancer charities out there but I’m going to keep it mainstream for this one round of donations.

Social Media making money that goes to charity means I’m ecstatic! I’m not a rich guy but if my influence can help save lives, then sign me up! Who’s the awesome partner that’s making this possible? It’s a design company called SnobbySlice. They’ve been great partners through this planning process and I’m happy to have them involved with my first Twitter Advertising test.

Here are the terms:

  • 2 Weeks – 1 Month of Advertising
  • My Twitter Background is Changed to Snobby Slice
  • Four Tweets per day linking to them prefaced by #advertisement

I hope everyone can get behind me on this one. If too many people complain, I’ll end the advertising at 2 weeks. I hope you can all help support this by Following SnobbySlice (link) on Twitter and checking out their site (link).