I’m not being religious here but God knows when you’re not sincere. In my studies, God is all around us and we are a part of it. God isn’t some dude smoking cigars on a mountain somewhere but I’ll save this bit for another blog post. What I mean is if you know when you’re sincere then everyone knows. Just like ripples in a pond, everyone feels it. When you tell someone to have a good day, mean it and send good will their way and if you don’t wish them a good day then don’t say it because insincere thoughts and will are so noticeable and it actually makes the person feel worse. This might be a bit too deep for my normal blog entries but it’s something that needs to be said.

Americans live pretty simple lives and we are numb to a lot of things on the conscious level. We put headphones on to block out someone yelling at us but our soul still feels it and feelings both good and bad stick with us for a very long time just as a scale that goes left and right our good and bad experiences are always tipping the scale one way or the other and trying to maintain balance.

This small blog post was inspired by a moment I just had in a coffee shop. I order my coffee and the clerk mumbles, “have a good one” as she looks to the next customer and adjusts her apron. I stand there and say, “Thank you. I hope you enjoy your day!” I wasn’t annoying, out of place but I said it to her with the same intention I say things to my own family members when I leave them and inside I felt good about wishing her a great day.

Her face turned into a smile, she stopped and not even realizing she just told me to “have a good one” she said, “hey thanks and enjoy your coffee!” That’s a real connection and that’s goodwill toward others. This fake bullshit that we all pull only makes us more empty, more depressed and more separate from each other. Real world kindness and intention is what changes the world and brings people together. The half assers out there who don’t give a shit how your day is going to go just need to keep their mouth shut because their goodwill is fake and isn’t helping anyone. The others that really love their fellow human being and love making a difference should be able to wear as much flair as they want to greet people with sincerity and happiness.

This little shift will actually change things. Like throwing a rock in a pond, my sincere wishes to the barista will affect her day in a small way and might keep her happy enough to avoid road rage, avoid telling her boss off and inspire her to wish others a good day as well. It’s a global effort and it starts with you.

Next time you feel compelled to wish someone a good day, actually do it with sincerity and be prepared to see their face shift to a smile and a little awakening will come to both of you.